Domaine Moulin des Vrillères

Domaine Moulin
Des Vrillères Découvrez
Le domaine de la famille

The Domaine



The vineyard

Our vineyards have an average age of around 30 years, and are spread over 12 hectares of A.O.C.Sancerre. We use the 'lutte raisonnée'(minimum intervention) method, width 75% weed control.

We favour mechanical working of the soil in our vineyards and use seaweed to help us combat diseases and reduce any chemical intervention, in order to maintain the harmony between the quality of our wines and the respect of the environnment.

The cellar

All of the vinification tanks are made of inox. We use thermo-regulated tanks for most wines, and wooden ones to mature our red Sancerre.

Before bottling, we filter using a ceramic crosse flow filter. An innovative system that respects the environment because there is no waste material. We bottle the wines ourselves, using our own bottling line, to ensure the process is carried out at the optimum moment of maturity.


What really counts is the wines'typicity, their qualitative regularity, and that each of them has their own personality.